Q: When does a customer activity appear?

An activity appears when a customer adds an item to cart, updates the shopping cart, performs a checkout or completes an order.

Q: If a customer purchases an item, will all previous activity show up under their name instead of “Guest”?

Yes. Once the customer performs a checkout, we will update their previous “Guest” activity to reflect their actual name.

Q: Would I have access to the entire history of my shop’s activities?

We’re keeping only the past 5 weeks’ activities. If you need more, please contact us.

Q: Why are the numbers different from what I see in my Shopify Dashboard?

There are known issues with the numbers counted in Shopify Dashboard that the Shopify team is aware of and is looking into.

Q: Even when customers are logged into my store, they are still showing up as Guest in Cart Activity. Can I see their names instead?

  1. Go into Themes > ... > Edit HTML/CSS and click on Layouts > theme.liquid
  2. Scroll all the way down and look for </body>
  3. And replace the existing </body> with the following code:

{% if customer %} <noscript data-customer-email="{{ customer.email | escape }}" data-customer-name="{{ customer.name | escape }}" data-customer-id="{{ customer.id | escape }}"> </noscript> {% endif %} </body>

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at choonkeat@develsadvocates.com


Jun 16 2014 Improved accuracy of referring site

Jun 14 2014 Added summary section: amount purchased, pending checkout and remaining in carts; top vendors and products.

Jun 11 2014 Launched in Shopify Store